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The Frierson Foundation will provide scholarships to those youth  - Elementary, Middle and High School - who are serious in their educational pursuit of the Arts and Music Development as a career choice but may not be able to afford it or have not considered continuing their Arts/Music Education due to financial deficiencies and difficulties.


By providing funding for music classes and supplies, dance sessions and supplies, techniques and training in the Arts, vocal training, music/dance theory and fundamentals, instrument sessions and supplies.  The Frierson Foundation will make pursuing their Arts/Music career will be there to help and encourage them to pursue their passion, their creativity and their dreams in the Arts Industry.



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Ad Journal

We will be creating a keepsake souvenir journal. If you are interested in submitting an Ad, please email:

  • Full Page Ad          -          $100

  • Half Page Ad         -          $50

  • Quarter Page Ad    -          $25.00

  • Patron List             -         $5.00 per name


Download Ad Journal Form here:  

Sponsorship Packages

Gold Package           

$5,000 (10 Event Tickets, 1 full Page Journal Ad, and One Tee Shirt)

Silver Package

$2,500 (5 Event Tickets, 1 Full Page Journal Ad, and One Tee Shirt)

Bronze Package

$1,000 (3 Event Tickets, ½ Page Journal Ad, and One Tee Shirt)

Download Sponsorship Form here: 

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